Kinds of Playing Tactic in Pokies Online

Despite that online slot machines depend mostly on luck, there are methods to gain more chances of winning without influencing the outcome of each spin. Some strategies can help to enlarge the time of playing and use the bankroll wisely to get some advantages.

Below you will find the most famous tactics that prove to be useful when enjoying web pokies, so choose the most suitable one according to your gaming temper and financial opportunities.

How to Find the Best Pokies Strategy

Looking for the successful online pokies strategies, you should determine what is the favorite type of slots for you (3/5/9 reels, with progressive or flattop jackpot, how many paylines, the RTP rate and so on).

So, after deciding which kind of spinning machine is fitting for you, select the right plan of gaming. Reading this article will help to make a rational decision and pick a preferable one from the list of existing strategies.

Online pokies strategies

Up One Step

This is a plain, but a quite successful way of betting in the Internet slots. A player just needs to increase his stake on 1 coin each time he/she wins. However, if there are several consecutive losses or drained bankroll, you ought to quit the game. Gamers with small funds can play longer without making rush decisions and a good opportunity to get some winnings.


It is the method of setting stakes when each previous bet has an impact on the next one. So, for example, a gambler starts with the medium stake, and if there is a winning situation, he/she wagers next time with one more credit. But in case of losing, you decrease the value for one coin. When there are three consistent fails, you should not continue.


When following High-Low strategy, a gamer should start with the min amount of credits. Then the player can increase the next bet to the max point in case of winning. And after losing everything starts with the min wager again.

This is an aggressive variant of Up One Step, but still, it allows prolonging the time of the gaming session and offers bigger rewards.

Play and Run/Shotgun

Play and Run and Shotgun have a similar conception. The first one (useful for small pockets) offers to divide the bankroll into equal parts for each online pokies. For instance, $50 may turn into 10 times for $5. This will give an opportunity to bet 20 times ($0.25) in 10 different slots. After one set of stakes is made, it is time to switch to another slot.
While gaming with Shotgun strategy, you ought to use the consistency of 1-2-3-4-5 for each wager. After reaching 5 coins, you ought to start with the new machine.Play online pokies with your your strategy


Just imagine how an umbrella opens and then closes. It is similar to the betting style. At the beginning, you need to start the low wagering with gradually coins increasing. Then, after reaching the max point, just go down to the min limit.

Reach a Naked Pull or Loss Limit

The essential advice when engaging in gambling is to finish the game once you see an empty bankroll or reach a loss limit. To avoid compulsive gambling behavior (that might lead to bad consequences) learn when to quit without attempts to outplay the online spinning machine.

In case you reach a naked pull, don’t make a new contribution for this gaming session, as you can lose even more. Otherwise, if the bad luck happens several times in succession, you may be in danger of debts and family problems.

So, following these tips together with described strategies may help you to have more successful betting experience.