Do Not Get Caught on the Online Pokies Hook

The occurrence of slots on the web quickly subdued a lot of people and made them loyal fans of virtual gaming. Gamblers somehow decided that they can change the outcome of the process, raise their chances, use doubtful systems or everything else that will help them, in their opinion, to become winners. However, don’t deceive yourself with such thoughts. Slots work on a specified system. This article shows the truth about all famous myths in online pokies world.

False Beliefs of the Personal Luck

Undoubtedly, you have seen or known players who state that they’re lucky and thus, they can and will win. Somehow, they draw the fortune to themselves, see particular signs and feel good results in advance. These people firmly believe that they’re special and followed by success while playing. Such confidence inspires other men to start gambling. But, the process requires a clear mind and concentration. You must stay focused and avoid the following false gambling beliefs.

Myths in the world of online pokies

Thinking Positively

Many life situations prove that attitude can greatly improve the result. Recently, the Tasmanian Research proved that 10-15% of people believe this. Unfortunately, in this case, positive thinking can’t change the overall picture. Your attitude isn’t related to a successful slot playing. Visualizing a profitable outcome won’t help you too. You can only quit, when you see yourself winning for a period. And, that would be positive.

Looking for the Signs

Often, gamblers look for some signs or specific coincidences, which make them spinning. It may be a lucky suit or a certain car space, which they think is capable of bringing them fortune and cash. Unfortunately, under any circumstances, the result won’t change.

Getting a Special Feeling

Going to a casino, we hope that we’ll be winners, and a couple of lucky spins or hands in a row only convince you in auspicious concatenation of circumstances. You start getting a feeling that you must and you’ll actually win. No matter how strong your intuition is, the process is absolutely stochastic. You won’t alter it.

Do Not Try to Cheat a Slot Machine

Online pokies myths

In times of physical machines standing in clubs, rules weren’t taken into account and players succeed in cheating them. Then, slots became computerized and the outcome of each spin has been influenced by RNG. This is a technology (random number generator), which is responsible for a fully accidental fall of symbols on reels. In pokies are also called the “games of chance” because you can’t cheat or calculate the result.

Betting Max Strategy Can be Dangerous

Different stakes open various possibilities. The max bet is one of them. It’s an opportunity to get the jackpot and requires 2 or more hundred dollars for each spin. Such strategy can be exhausting and your wallet will quickly reduce in the size. If you’re not a hunter, you’ll be glad to hear that pleasant bonuses are available with small wagers. You can spend few cents and also enjoy multipliers, additional games and other extras.

Hot and Cold Online Pokies Are a Fiction

They say that any slot can be “hot” or “cold”. This means that machines are programmed according to different patterns of behavior and you’re more likely to win during the first type. Don’t waste your time and believe that. All pokies are with in-built random number generator, tracking the fairness and making a game an entertainment of pure luck.