How to Play Progressive Online Pokies?

An ability to get a huge win, combined with the ease and accessibility of the gaming process makes progressives to be the number one entertainment among Australians. Slot machines have won a prominent place among the casino games and continue to attract more and more players willing to try their luck. To know all about progressive online pokies for Australians: game principles and the differences between variations of such funs will give the chance to snatch a large sum.

Little History of Progressive Jackpot in Australia

Slots had come a long way from the outfits with 3 reels and a few paylines to 5-reel video-based ones with more than 20 paylines, which happened only in the 80s. A big step forward was the transformation from land-based fruit machines to online funs with exciting graphics and ability to play at home. Over time, it changed not only the appearance, but also the way of playing, especially – the winning mechanism. Since the 80s, game providers find the method to give the clients an ability to win much more than before. They started to join the same pokies together, and each player’s bet increased the common jackpot that could grow and grow until someone got the lucky combination.

Play progressive online pokies

What Types You Can Play?

Today online pokies with the growing output are favorite gambling games of almost all Aussies. There is a big number of slot machines, which divide into 3 types – standalone, in-house and wide area progressives.

Standalone Slots

A slot machine that is not linked to other ones is usually called Standalone. At first, this kind of slots was the only affordable, and even with the advent of other kinds, it didn’t lose its popularity. The jackpot is not as high as in linked pokies. And a winning percentage depends on the wagers of one particular game box.

In-House or Proprietary Progressives

Next in the evolution of pokies types is In-House Progressives. This is a set of slot machines that are related and managed by a single casino-owner. The jackpot in local type is typically much higher than in standalone one.

Wide Area Slot Machines

The most favorable slot’s type of many citizens of Australia is wide area progressives as it has the biggest winnings. These outfits are grouped together from different casinos. But one should remember that the chance to hit the huge jackpot is very small.

Prove Your Luck

The largest providers of slots with growing output at the moment are three well-known companies: Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt. The principle of their pokies does not differ from fixed jackpot machines. A player chooses a number of paylines, coins of preferable value, and makes a bet. After that he/she pushes the start button and waits for winning combination. Besides, while spinning progressives, you can get the same bonuses as in standard funs: free spins and additional rounds, wild and scatter signs and other attractive benefits.
Progressive pokies

Useful Strategies in Progressive Online Pokies

Since all coin-operated boxes entertainments are the games of chance, risk lovers can not actually influence on the winning. But there are a few tips they should know while spinning.

  • First of all, pokies are the way of having fun and getting a relax from everyday life: play only that slots that will satisfy you the most.
  • The larger the jackpot, the harder to win it: choose smaller progressives and you will get more odds to succeed.
  • Check the rules before the game: remember about wagering requirements you should fulfill before output your prize.
  • Use the ability of auto-play: you may activate a few funs simultaneously, leaving one of them on auto-play with the min bet.
  • Find the best moment to spin: have time to break the highest jackpot before someone else does.

What Payouts Are Suggested?

The sum of a prize in progressives could be really huge – up to six or even seven (!) figure wins, and one simple push of the button can make someone a millionaire. Yes, it’s absolutely feasible, and there is an example when a man, who had played Dark Knight, the well-known slot from Microgaming, won €2,56 million.