How Online Pokies Make Your Fortune

Winning a lot of cash is a common dream for many people. And the ones, who aren’t afraid of gambling have a chance to get a big sum. But not every web staking amusement can offer huge money as the main prize.

The most impressive winnings come from online pokies. Usually, Internet slots have very generous rewards that can turn you into a millionaire. If the lucky signs in online pokies are on the player’s side, then he/she will make a wealth by just collecting a fortunate combination.

Looking for Jackpots?

Of course, when playing web slot machines, it is possible to get different kinds of rewards. Everything depends on what type of combination appears on the screen. To hit the biggest sum, you ought to collect the max number of special signs in the one line. It is called jackpot.Online pokies signs

There are several types of JP, and some of them are more lucrative than others.

Progressive Online Pokies

Web pokies with a progressive jackpot are the most luscious ones because they offer really big rewards. The size of the JP always increases until someone hits the main winning combination. It constantly grows because a part of each bet of every player adds to the overall sum. So, it can get extremely large up to several millions of dollars or even more.


Flattop online slots have already predetermined Jackpot which doesn’t grow over time. It is usually smaller than the progressive one. However, it has some advantages which should be considered when choosing the Internet spinning machine. Despite the fact that the sum can be not very big, it is worth going for it, because the hit frequency is much higher than in progressives. So, the chance of winning is bigger.

Relying on Luck?

When playing slots, you might use some kind of strategy. It will be useful to increase the time of gaming, save the bankroll from the fast draining or make wise stakes. But, this game mostly relies on luck. So, you can’t influence the outcome of each spin, no matter what you do. The reels spin and stop showing completely random symbols. That’s why you can look only for your own luck and nothing else.

The work of online pokies is based on the RNG. This means that all outcomes of each round in the game depend on the Random Number Generator for creating fair results. So, the microprocessor (like our usual computers) is programmed to constantly select some numbers (from 1 to 4 billion) that immediately correspond with a particular sign on the reels. Therefore, players have an equal possibility to hit the JP or lose money.

Magic Number 7

Quite often web betting houses have slot games that include number 7 as one of the symbols. Why only seven? Because it has always been a mysterious number that brings luck. A lot of religions and cultures believe in magical abilities of this digit. That’s why many pokies add it to attract players.

Lucky signs in online pokies

Collect Lucky Symbols

When playing online pokies you can be surprised not only by regular winning sets but also by various lucky symbols like wilds, scatters and multipliers. They have extra features that allow getting additional pleasant prizes.

Wilds are the characters that play various roles and can differ from one casino to another. Its initial purpose is to substitute other pictures for completing the reward combination. For example, if it appears on the line and you lack just one sign to get a payout, it will behave as the needed one. They can be sticky, expanding or cascading.

Scatters are the pictograms that may trigger various unexpected tricks like giving free spins, the extra cash or launching a bonus game. And it doesn’t matter where exactly they appear – once they are on the screen, you will get some kind of gift.

There are also multipliers, which can double, triple or increase your winnings even up to 5 times.