Where Online Pokies Came From?

The 1st pokie ever appeared in the USA was due to Charles Fey. The game title was “Liberty Bell”. Its success was immediate and the Australian shores saw it too at the start of the 20th century.

History of Australian Online Pokies. 1953 was the year when Aristocrat realized that it can be turned to a business. The soft issued its primary entertainment – by Joe Heywood, which was later changed on the Clubmaster. The Aussie government legitimated the gambling machines in the restricted range of casinos in 1956. Then, in the middle of 1980s, were created video slots – that has changed the game of the playing activity in the country and the world forever.
History of online pokies transformation

Why Australians Started to Use the Name “Pokies”?

There’s no well-document supported evidence of the term to be first used. However, its appearance refers to the time when “cards” and slots were standing together. And they all were called poker machines. People often said that they were going to play the pokies, that phrase finally ingrained in the language. Advertisements in clubs and pubs used that word constantly. Still, the other part of the globe calls them slots.

New Chapter in Playing Pokies on the Web

Those machines were so beneficial that the fact of moving them to the virtual casino was expected. And, 1990 became the new chapter of web entertainment. The forward-looking Gaming Club has been still operating. While the history of online venues goes back 20 years, the premier game became available in Australia only in 2004. This has fully changed betting experience of fans and presented them with new thrilling developments, improving the process further.

First Online Slot Machine

2004 was the year of the biggest interest to online gambling. The first gaming machines were one-armed bandits, which were sanctioned in elected clubs and casinos. However, New Zealanders waited 1989 to get them legally. It was until 1994, when pioneers like Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech issued their foremost products for NZ. The foremost bandits had usually one payline, and 3 reels, which was exciting for those days.

Poker Machine Transformation

The 1976 year marked the creation of the pathbreaking video machines already without liver, but with buttons, created by a team in CA. This date started the new direction of movement for pokies with which multiline wagering became available.
Online pokies history

In addition, the apparatus itself became automatic – you see not the real reels spinning, but a screen with the changing image. It’s hard not to notice that, of course, they have the greatest recognition among players and the most usual ones are 5-reel examples.

Last Innovations in Pokies Industry

Playing ubiquity has happened due to the Internet that is available everywhere. Then, gadgets like smartphones and tablets appeared. Pokies entered this sphere quite quickly and adapted to the small screen of your device in order to look harmonically even small-sized, but with the same possibilities.

Companies went farther and released multiplayer slots, so that many players could test them and examine who’ll win more. A cherry on the cake was the creation of 3D games, featuring incredible graphics, details’ accuracy and unforgettable impressions for any who has dared to try. Companies like NetEnt, Cryptologic, Playtech and others continuously work on fresh concepts and strive to present new awesome releases for their loyal customers.